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December 9, 2014

Free Download – Oregon Advance Directive

If you want to impress your doctor–show up at her office with your advance directive all filled out, signed, and witnessed.

Sometimes mistakenly called a “living will” an advance directive is the document that specifies whether you would like to … read the rest →

December 4, 2014

Four Estate Delusions of Young Professionals

As a young estate planner I am often asked by other young professionals what they need to do with regard to their estate plans.

Ha. Just joking. NO ONE under the age of 30 asks me about their estate plans. … read the rest →

November 26, 2014

Five Death Conversations for Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to discuss your estate plan with the family. Between “pass the potatoes” and “did you hear Oregon’ most popular recipe search is ‘vegan gravy‘” you can save your estate thousands of dollars and lots … read the rest →

September 29, 2014

“Will” is a Four Letter Word

Having a will doesn’t mean you avoid probate.

Citizens of Portland are consistently bewildered when I tell them that no, having a will does not avoid probate. The only way to avoid probate is when none of your assets require … read the rest →

September 17, 2014

Ethical Child of Elderly Parents


“My dad needs a will.”

“I need to get Power of Attorney for my mom.”

It’s only natural that adult children want to help their aging parents, especially in matters that will so directly affect them after death. Unfortunately … read the rest →

August 21, 2014

Virtual Asset Series – Photographs

Chances are, if you haven’t been on your computer in a couple days–you’re probably on vacation. When you get home, where will you put all your pictures?

On your computer.

Planning like a Portlander means caring about your memories, nostalgia, … read the rest →

August 5, 2014

Top 5 Motivations for Estate Planning

Maret Thatcher Smith is a Portland, Oregon estate planning lawyer who is interested in reducing the fear and hesitancy of getting estate planning done. One of her mottos is–”Everyone’s got an estate plan! It’s either one you pick or the … read the rest →

July 15, 2014

A Dog’s Beautiful Last Day

It’s a busy week over here at Thatcher Smith Law as we gear up for a series of office presentations. We have one called “The Free and Easy Estate Planning No One is Doing (and Traps for the Unwary)” and … read the rest →

July 2, 2014

Virtual Asset Series – Financial Institutions

This is a new series where we will be discussing practical things you could be doing to plan for your “virtual assets.” So much of what we do is online–we shop, we bank, we buy digital copies of movies and … read the rest →

June 23, 2014

Estate Considerations for Same Sex Couples

Planning an estate for same sex couples just got a whole lot easier thanks to new federal rules and marriage equality in Oregon (Geiger v. Kitzhaber). Whereas a year ago we might have relied on joint ownership status … read the rest →